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With so many Lawn Services to choose from, Why Chief Lawns?

Top Quality Work
  • Focused on delivering a quality job, not just doing it for the cheapest price

  • Using quality materials ​

  • Using quality equipment to get the job done right, and reliably. 

  • Always striving to improve and develop our craft

  • Prioritizing effective communication strategies to ensure you, the property owner, is kept up-to-date and informed. 

  • Striving to understand your needs and deliver based on those needs. 

  • Clean, Organized Quotes and invoices available via email for easy access. (No hand-written napkin quotes here!)

  • Working hard to write clear verbiage in quotes so you know where and what will be done.

Organic and natural
  • Whenever possible, we try to work with organic, natural and locally sourced materials for our jobs. 

  • We work to reduce waste and support on-site composting efforts as much as we can to reduce and recycle debris!

  • Utilizing technology to serve you more efficiently! 

  • Responsive by email

  • Regularly updated website to help streamline your experience 

  • High-tech quoting/invoicing software that accommodates credit card, cash, and check payment methods

  • Sattelite Measuring allows us to provide faster mowing quotes, often without needing to set up a visit! 

Mindset/Heart behind what we do
  • Focused on people, not merely numbers or addresses. 

  • Striving to revive the mindset towards millennials (We still like to work diligently!) 

  • Striving to work ultimately for the glory of God, stewarding the earth He's created.

  • Seeking to share the love of Jesus wherever we go! He ultimately is who makes any of this possible.

A Small Business, not just a faceless large company.
  • Owner Operated 

  • Operated by a volunteer EMT within the county.

  • When it comes to hiring help, we strive to only call on those we know to have integrity and a good work ethic to work on your property.

  • The owner (David) is almost always present on jobs, reducing miscommunications, and delays in requests/adjustments that can sometimes occur when only crews of employees are on site.

  • Striving to support local small businesses within our area when it comes to materials, supplies, tools, and equipment!

  • Instead of having a bad attitude towards competing companies, we try to befriend and work with them! At the end of the day, we are all just trying to earn a living :) 

  • We maintain a growing list of referrals for various projects beyond what we do (Eg: Chemical applicators, dedicated tree services, Handyman services, etc). If you are looking for other services, let us know and we can see if we know someone! 

Providing Aeration, Lawn mowing, Mulching, Trimming, Snow clearing, snow removal, ice melt, edging, seeding, Leaf Removal, Gutter Cleaning, fallen tree cleanup, storm debris cleanup, Tractor services, Lawn Mower Services, Outdoor Junk removal services, Weed pulling, Organic Fertilizer, Yard Cleanup, Shrub Trimming, Ornamental Tree Trimming, Firewood Splitting, Fence/Gate Repair, Mailbox Repair, and more!! Serving within areas of Olney, MD (Zipcode 20832, zipcode 20853, zipcode 20906), Sandy Spring, MD (zipcode 20860, zipcode 20906, zipcode 20905) Silver Spring, MD (Zipcode 20906, zipcode 20905, zipcode 20860) Asthon-Silver Spring, MD (Zipcode 20905, Zipcode 20861), Ashton, MD (zipcode 20861) Hampshire Greens, Cloverly, MD (zipcode 20905), Colesville, MD (zipcode 20905), Maydale Drive, Brookeville, MD (zipcode 20833) Sunshine, MD (zipcode 20833), Laytonsville/Gaithersburg, MD (Zipcode 20882), Glenwood, MD (Zipcode 21738, zipcode 21737), Highland, MD (Zipcode 20777) 

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