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  • Do you accept Credit Card Payments?
    We do! We accept Cash, Check (Preferred), and Credit Card payement methods.
  • Are you Insured?
  • Do you offer chemical application services?
    Currently we do not. We strive to utlize as many natural and organic methods we can to take care of your yard.
  • Do you offer Tree services?
    We do offer services to remove fallen trees and storm debris, however we only prune small decorative trees and shrubs. For regular tree service, seek a certified arborist!
  • How quickly can I expect a quote?
    While the time it takes to send out a quote varies due to several factors, our goal is to get it to you within 24 hours for most services.
  • Do you offer any other services than those listed on the site?
    While we try to keep a current list of services on the website, there may be things not specifically listed that we can still help with. Always feel free to contact us! If we dont offer the service you need, we may know someone who does!
  • Are your yard signs left indefinetely, or do you pick them up? "
    We do pick them up! Our goal is to be visible, yet not annoying. We've seen the intersections that are littered with yard signs, that stay up for weeks at a time... This is not our intention at all with yard signs we may place. Generally, our yard signs are only left up for 2-3 days tops, and then we come and take them down. We place these signs at specific times of the year, and try not to have them up too often. We love a nice scenic drive, and dont want to contribute to unsightly travel in our area. If you have concerns about a yard sign, or any other marketing practices you may see from us, PLEASE dont hesitate to contact us about it! We are always learning, and want to hear feedback on ways we can improve in that area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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